🌋 Pluggable enterprise-level react application framework.

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The entire lifecycle of umi is composed of plugins. Features such as pwa, on-demand loading, one-click switching preact, one-button compatibility ie9, etc., are all implemented by plugins.

Out Of Box

You only need an umi dependency to start development without having to install react, preact, webpack, react-router, babel, jest, and more.

Conventional Routing

Next.js like and full featured routing conventions, support permissions, dynamic routing, nested routing, and more.

# Getting started is very simple

# Install deps
$ yarn global add umi # or npm install -g umi

# Create application
$ mkdir myapp && cd myapp

# Create page
$ umi generate page index

# Start dev server
$ umi dev

# Build and deploy
$ umi build

Getting started with a 10 minutes video

# Community

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